Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday's Mumblings

Hello everyone. 

 Well, I have been thinking that maybe this blog is not quite like most crafty blogs, and I quite like that really.  It does say cards and chat.....and chatting can be about lots of things.  

I am having a coffee and thinking about a card order I received yesterday, which I will start this evening.  Somehow, I am going to make 4 cards for Saturday, get my hair done, go to physio, celebrate my hubby's Birthday and lots more this week.............phew!!

Where ever we walk, just like Pooh Bear and Piglet, we leave our footprints behind us, in the snow, in the sand, in the garden and in peoples hearts.

As it is still winter I thought I would share a Christmas card with you:

You see, I do make them sometimes.

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