Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Carry on Crafting.......

Hello everyone.  It seems such a long time since I have written to you or shared anything with you so here I go again.  I will share with you what I have been doing over the past week or two.  

First of all, I want to thank those of you who pop by and have a read.  This blog is meant to be light-hearted, crafty but thoughtful too, so I hope you all find something worth taking away from it.  After my Birthday celebration weekend I eventually got back to normal.  I had so many cards and comments that people left on Facebook I was really overwhelmed.  I have not yet taken photographs of my cards but I will, and I will share them all with you.  Sad to say, I am in some crafting forums and because the past few months have been pretty shaky for me I have either forgotten or lost the lists from them so if anyone is reading this from those forums.....I truly am sorry.

Time has flown whilst I have been making cards for my little online shop.......which you can find at http:/www.anniescardshop.com 

Please pop into the shop and let me know what your thoughts are about it.  There are only a few cards in it and as I am so new at all this I don't think I have done a bad job so far!

So, on with the cards then:  My first one is quite modern  and all cut using my cuttlebug and cricut expression:

I used a brilliant white, leather effect base card and folded into an A5 size. (8 and 1/4" tall x 5 and 3/4" wide)  Black and white was the order of the day.  Using a die and my culttlebug I cut out the circle and then folded each little triangle under the one beside it until it looked like a sunflower or sun-burst.  I think it is very effective and shows clearly against the white background. I then cut out the flowers, again with a die and my cuttlebug and interlaced them to make the two lovely black and white flowers.  Using my cricut expression, I cut out the flourish from the Home Accents cartridge.  The peel-offs which I added to the centre of the circle and in the middle of the little flowers and flourish are cogs and wheels in sparkly black and silver.

Having all the pieces made, this is what I did:  (I know it is basic stuff, but I have to start somewhere!)

I positioned the large circle and used sticky fixers to adhere it to the card.  I found the right sized peel-offs for the centre and stuck the pieces in place.

The two small flowers are one black and one white, intertwined to give a contrasting effect and in the centre another small peel-off.  

The flourish was stuck down by carefully using some tacky glue and a little pressure put onto it until it began to stick.  

The two flowers were positioned last using double sided foam sticky fixers.

Finally, I added "Just To Say" using black peel-offs.

Where did I get everything from?

White leather effect card ~ The Papetiere (Aberdeen)
Matt black and matt white card ~Craft Creations
Peel-offs ~ Craft Creations
Dies ~ Crafts U Love

Tools used:  Craft knife, Cricut Expression, Cuttlebug, various dies.

This next card is suitable for a man, particularly if he work in the oil industry (as many do where I live).

I just love this card.  I made one similar to this for a special Birthday, and it was really appreciated.  

I used flecked grey base card and on the bottom half I used worl maps which i then overlapped with the silver mirri-card.  On top of that I placed the oil rig image (which was copyright free).  I then put a peel-off across the whole card just beneath the image.  The sentiment was one I already had and it was stuck to grey card and then silver mirri-card.  I found an image of a part of a tool (no idea what it is, but it was in an oil rig section of something)  So I printed it and covered it with clear gloss and when dried I then stuck it to the bottom of the sentiment.

I print all my images on a Kodak printer with Kodak in and Kodak premium photographic paper....... there is no point in skimping if you want something to look as good as it can.  The image is stuck on using double sided foam sticky fixers, as is the sentiment and embellishment.  

The colours all seem to blend well together and I loved the splash of orange with the sunset.  

For the layering of the sentiment I die cut the grey and silver using a die and my cuttlebug.

If you have any comments to make or suggestions or have a question, please fire away.

One thing I have found out about myself when i am crafting.............I forget everything else that is happening around me, which sometimes can be a real blessing.  

Nobody's life is perfect, and mine isn't either, so crafting allows me to forget the things that would bring me down and for that I am truly grateful.

I hope you have enjoyed today's offering to you and I leave you with this thought:

Many Blessing to you all. xx

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