Thursday, 15 March 2012


Today I thought I would share with you all a very simple card using one piece of mirri-card and peel-off.  I think sometimes peel-offs get  looked down on a little bit......but there are some lovely designs out there and they just need to be used in creative ways:

Here is a simple but, I think, stylish Birthday card.  I used brilliant white ribbed effect A4 card folded into an A5 greeting card.  The main backing for the design is a gun-metal mirri-card rectangle.  Onto this I have stuck a cogs and wheels peel-off in sparkly dark grey, using only part of the peel-off image.  Underneath that I have put other bits and pieces from the same peel-off set and then used black peel-offs for the wording.

I hope you like it.

Card: Papetiere (Aberdeen)
Mirri-card and peel-offs: Craft Creations

Many blessings xx


  1. Love this Annie! Will have to look out for these peel-offs as I think they are brilliant
    Dawn x

  2. Thank you Dawn. I think it is quite effective. x

    Annie xx