Saturday, 7 April 2012

Creative Cards

Hello everyone

I have been very busy making cards and thought I would share them with you all today.

It has been an interesting week, with customers from Buckie and the USA!!  How far apart is that then?

Here is a card for someone special:

I am now going to show you different parts of this card:

This lovely card is a download I purchased from CraftsUprint.com  The designer is a lady called Robyn Cockburn.

How did I make it?  

First of all I printed the design of the card onto photographic paper/
I then printed out the insert on white paper and then the envelope too.  Oh yes, it comes with it 's own matching envelope.  I also printed off the embellishments onto photographic paper.

I then cut out all the bits I wanted and cut the apertures in the card and paper.  

I scored down the folds of both card and insert and then stuck them together.  They are designed to fit perfectly back to back, which I found easier that I thought it would be.  I had to trim a little off inside the apertures that overlapped but I would rather do that than not have enough coverage.  I used a glue stick to do the sticking.

I used a very thin silver thread to thread the sentiment, which says, For Someone Special, and then I hung it in one of the apertures.  Beneath that I stuck tow silver looking card flowers and the centres of them were decorated with clear gemstones.  On the other side I glued the butterfly which I also adorned with gemstones for it's body.

So here are the things that I made the card from and where I got them from:

Card design and embellishments:  CraftsUprint.com
Photographic paper:  Kodak Ultra Premium photograph paper direct from Kodak.
Ink: Kodak in
Printer: Kodak ESP C310
Gemstones, thread and two flowers: My stash
Parer (for insert and envelope): Viking Direct
Glue: Disappearing colour glue stick by avery.

So there you have it.  And now on to the next one:

This is a stepper card, which I covered with regency style cream and silver card.  I then put an image of the clock with two cherubs at the feet of the clock onto the front of the card.  This image is actually decoupaged.  Beneath it is the sentiment which says, 'Special Day.'  Along the bottom I have glued cream lace with coffee coloured velvet running along the middle.

On the back step I have stuck an image of three lovely young ladies, obviously having a chat about something.  I can't help wondering what it is they are talking about!  They have a silver border around their circular image. On the  next step in front of the 3 ladies is a die cut frame, which has another smaller embossed die cut in the middle of it and on that there is a beautiful grey gemstone flower.  

From the back there is a lovely organza gold ribbon on to which the end had a beautiful regency style multi coloured oval tag, edged in silver.  In the centre of the tag I have stuck a cream pearlescent die cut circle which I have glittered and then glued a beautiful beige glittered rose onto that.

The idea is that the person giving the card can write their message on the back of the tag.

So where did it all come from:

Plain white stepper card:  Craft Creations
Cream and Silver card and clock image:  Card craft UK (long time ago)
Special Day  sentiment:  Debbi Moore Egyptian CD
Lace with velvet:  Papetiere (Aberdeen)
Ribbon, and gemstone:  My stash
Image of ladies: Google images (royalty free)
Frame Silver card: Craft Creations
Frame die and circle dies: Spellbinders (Crafts U Love)
Beige flower: Kaiser Kraft Paper Blooms (Crafts U Love)
Tag: Joe Brown (YES! I know.)

I hope you liked this card, because it took me ages to make but I loved every minute of it.  Joe Brown tags are great for crafting. 

Many Blessings

Annie xxx