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A Day in the Life of


Docrafts Blog Prompt Day 14

I'm not sure where to start with this blog.  A day in  the life of myself......my doggies.......my hubby...........a friend.............. Hmmmmmmm

I think i will share with you a day in the life of my hubby, from my perspective:

First of all my hubby, Philip, works from home........here is a clue as to what he does:

Nope!  That's not Philip, that's Jazz when he was a little bit younger than he is just now.  So, any ideas?

Here is another clue:

Nope! that's not him either.....that's his niece Stephanie!

Okay then, I will tell you..........He is a voice over artist.

His day begins at about 7.00 a.m. (although sometimes much earlier!)  and he makes me a lovely coffee and takes his through to his office, where he scans his emails for work or for corrections of work he did the day before (nobody is perfect, and even he can make a mistake!)

WHat you see in the photos is his microphone, script stand, stool and headphones.

So after he has checked for mistakes, which only happen very seldom, he has a quick bite to eat (banana or scrambled eggs) then takes the doggies for a quick scoot around the harbour area and beach before he scoots off to the gym for a little work-out.  If he doesn't go to the gym, I take him to a nearby village and drop him and the doggies off and then I go to the next town where I wait at the beach for him to arrive, having ran along the cliffs and onto the beach for about 3 miles.  So when we return he is straight into the shower, and I am doing the washing up and stuff.

Now, some days his work happens to be booked, which is great, and other days the phone rings and it happens straight away like that.  No two days are the same.  For example, as I type this (11.00 a.m.) he is doing trailers for the horror channel (he's the voice of the horror channel!)  Not to my taste but it pays the bills.  When he has done his work I will make him a cuppa or a coffee and he is back in his office, on the forums to do with voicing.......YES! they have forums too!!!!!

Here is a little snippet of ............Na!  I will keep you waiting just a little bit longer!!!

We will then have lunch, and then out with the doggies again.........here are some photos taken along the route of one of the walks or runs:

Looking towards Cullen Bay Hotel

On the beach at Cullen

Between Findochty and Portknockie along the cliffs

Looking down over the cliffs

So, you see he also takes his camera with him on his walks, but not on his run. He is good a photography and brings home some stunning views.

Anyhow, after that walk/run, it's back to the office and more work, which could be invoicing, gong over scripts, talking to producers or other VO's, or buying stuff on ebay!!!!! If he get's a chance there will be another walk before tea time.  However, before we got that far on in the day, there is a company he does work for that will send him a lunch-time session and an evening session.  Sometimes they forget to email him and tell him so it's a chance we take going out, in case they contact him while we are not there.....but thankfully (sometimes not thankfully) he has is iphone with him so he knows when to come home!!!

Okay then!  I know I have not made this sound very interesting, but that's because he can do that for himself!  Here is a link to his website where you can listen to him:


I think this speaks for itself.

The evening session for one of the regular companies is a hard one sometimes, as it relates to medical issues in great detail and can be up to 40 A4 pages at a time. This can mean he works until well after midnight, with a break at about 9.00 p.m. for something to eat and an hour of TV.

I usually am in bed way before Philip is, and he brings me up a lovely mug of decaf tea while I surf on my ipad to catch up with everyone.  His day will usually end between midnight and 1.30 a.m.

This is repeated Monday to friday...........................and sometimes Saturday and Sunday too.

Now I am not finished because I thought I would give you a taster of what he gets up to when he does decide to take a day off:

About 3 weeks ago he took a long weekend off work, got up at 3.00 a.m. to get to Aberdeen airport and took the first flight to Frankfurt and then on to New Delhi where he arrived at about 11.00 p.m. their time.  After a quick nap, he was on a train at 5.30 .m.  to Jaipur:  Here are some photos for you:

At the train station:

Delhi traffic!

Jaipur snake charmer

The hotel where Philip stayed in Jaipur

He spent ONE WHOLE DAY in Jaipur and travelled back to New Delhi to spend a day there and then returned home ready for work on the Monday!

My husband doesn't stop for long and is always doing something.

His next adventure is going to be Katmandu.....I don't know when as he is off to a voice over knees up in Leicester this weekend and going to a Birthday lunch in SOmerset the following weekend!  What a busy life he leads, but it's also very fulfilling for him.

Please take the time to have a listen to his website and enjoy yourself.

Love and hugs

Annie xxx


  1. Thank you Fran.....I don't very often speak about family, but today I thought I would.

    Thank you for visiting me here in my little blog.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  2. Oh, that was fascinating. Isn't it lovely to see into other crafters' lives!! I love the Cullen photos, so makes me want the sea...

    1. Hello Alice

      Thank you for visiting me today. I am glad you enjoyed it and like the photographs. I wasn't very creative in the writing, but I hope you got an idea of our lives.

      You are very encouraging, thank you

      Love and hugs

      Annie xx

  3. Hi Annie, can I come live with you! lol! What beautiful scenery. I love your post it's a really interesting read. I can tell you love you life.


  4. Hi Princess, lol at you wanting to come here.

    It is lovely scenery, but it's a different story when it's raining and windy.....brrr!

    Thank you for your lovely comment and I'm glad you found it interesting. I do love my life...........but like everyone else it has it's ups and downs too. Have a great day.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  5. So interesting, i loved the link to your OHs site so we could hear him too.

  6. Thank you CoventryAnn, I thought it would make the post more interesting.

    Thank you for visiting me today too.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  7. What a fab blog post!! Your husband is really interesting...and just jetting off like that?! amazing!!

  8. Thanks Emma. We are both very spontaneous :) Thank you for visiting my blog today.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx