Monday, 28 May 2012

My Most Visited Blog


Docrafts 31 Day Blog Prompt Day 28

Today we were asked to check out stats and see which was our most visited blog.  For me it seems the Childhood memory blog has been the most popular with people.

I am really pleased that people visited that blog and enjoyed it.  Our memories need to be kept alive for others who are much younger.  Every generation has it's own unique experiences, good and bad and although hindsight is not a good way to learn, sharing the experiences give the next generation a choice for their future.

When I saw the picture of the sitting room that I posted (I had already written the blog and was adding the photos last) I was so surprised at how similar the one in the picture was to our own sitting room when I was growing up.  

I encourage people to share their past with others as often as they can.....not in a morbid way to cling on to the past, but to enlighten others as to how they have gotten where they are today.

I know from reading other blogs that some people were fortunate to have parent that encouraged their craftiness, and I know from personal experience that these things were classed as trivial in our home.....something to keep us children quiet or happy.  It is also interesting to remember the crafty things I did with my sister for local church competitions.  

We collected shells from the beach...washed them and glued them together making ladies in crinolin dresses, which we painted and glossed.  I believe we won a prize for that.  I also remember cutting out pictures from a'club book'  (catalogue) and designing rooms from the pictures, oh! and cutting out ladies and their clothes and dressing them up as fashion models.  

You see?  It goes on and on!  I never want to forget the good things from childhood as they can dispel the bad things and make them not seem that important.

There are no photos in today's blog because I think you should all try and remember the things that you enjoy when you were younger, things that are personal to you.

Thank you to everyone who has visited my blogs and I hope even after the Blog Prompt ends you will still visit.

Have a great day today

Love and hugs

Annie xxx


  1. It's not surprising what was your most visited Post. Nostalgia is rife! I do intend still visiting your blog after the prompts finish.

  2. Aw thank you Alice...and I iwill continue to try and stimulate interest by blogging many and varied stuff!

    Many blessings

    Annie xxx