Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Word Art Wednesday Challenge


Wednesday 22nd May 2012

Today I am taking part in a card challenge set out by Word Art Wednesday, and I'm using the scripture provided for the challenge.  

My choice of card is a CraftsUprint card designed by Helen Williams, which shows the rugged Scottish countryside, walking boots and compass and map.  

The reason I chose this is because the scripture says:

For God hath not given us
the spirit of fear; but of power,
and of love, and of a 
sound mind.
                          2 Timothy 1 verse 7 

When you go hill walking and see the rugged natural beauty of the earth I believe you instinctively know that God is watching over every step you take.  There is no need to fear or let the elements overcome you.  Just keep walking one step before the other.  In my life the compass and map is the Word of God.......His inspired word............our Bible. and I am grateful for the wisdom it holds.

Our journeys in this life on earth can be faced in fear or in the power of God.  Fear will bring doubt, ill health, worry and anxiety.  God says that perfect love casts out fear.  His perfect love in us casts out fear, it is not something we can do or try to do on our own. This has been a daily struggle for me and I am slowly learning to use the power that God has put within me......His power and His love, which brings me a sound mind.

I hope you like my card.

Love and blessings 


  1. Annie, thank you for the words you have shared today, very meaningful to me at this moment in time.
    Dawn x

  2. I'm so glad Dawn. Stepping out into the unknown is much easier if you allow God to lead the way.

    Thank you for visiting me here today.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  3. Hi there, Annie. What an true and inspiring blog post. I wish I had thought of that other verse you mentioned when I spoke with my friend (true love/God's love casts out fear. What a beautiful truth from the Word, and YES.....we are SO blessed to have His beautiful truth at our access to bless and to guide us on our life's journey. I could never do it wihtout Hid perfect instruction manual. I am SO blessed by His Word. Thanks for sharing your art. I would like nothing more than to walk the shores with you. But what a blessed truth to know that some day, I will walk streets of gold with you because of the faith we share. Nothing could be sweeter. Thanks SO MUCH for playing along with us at Word Art Wednesday. We are so happy and blessed to have you join in the challanges, and look forward to seeing your beautiful art each week. Thanks again for sharing. You are a tremendous blessing.
    Karen L
    Word Art Wednesday

  4. Oh Karen, thank you for those beautiful words. I

    really enjoyed making the card and the scripture speaks volumes to me. We will be walking the streets of gold together one day....how fabulous is that?

    Love and blessings

    Annie xxx

  5. Wow, I love the pictures in your layout!!!

    Thanks for playing along with us at WAW.


  6. Hi there Wendy

    Thank you for your lovely comment. It is actually an 8" by 8" square card and I love the images too.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today.

    Love and blessings

    Annie xx