Monday, 11 June 2012



Today I thought I would concentrate on family matters and share with you my immediate family through photos and a little story telling.

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Anne.....she was really happy to be called Anne because she found out that initially some relatives thought she was called Bertha!!!!  Not really a name Anne liked!  Anyhow, Anne was born in Buckie 

West church Street (Episcopal Church in foreground)

Buckie District Pipe Band

East Church Street (Church of Scotland with clock tower)

Elektron picking up reels


Buckie is a busy town with a harbour with 4 main bays and a ship building yard.  The town boasts it's own pipe band amongst other things, and has a very interesting fishing heritage centre.


And here is where Anne grew up:

Findochty in the winter:

An arial view of the village as it is today

It now has a fabulous caravan park for the many visitors who come to see the local scenery and wildlife:

This is the kind of wildlife we have and the view from the caravan park is the same

The two boats here are the Fragrant Rose from Buckie and the Victory from Findochty.  This is a very old photograph, because boat building in Findochty ceased when Anne was born, about 60 years ago.

So, Anne (me) had a very traditional Scottish upbringing and loved the village where she grew up.

I'm going to cut out a lot of her story and move to the present, and from the third person to the first person:

I am now married to Philip, and have lived in a village not far from Findochty, called Portgordon for the past 10 years.  Buckie is 2 miles away and Findochty 4 miles away.

Here is Philip:

Here I am at my 60th Birthday in March this year:

I am really blessed to have so many friends and family around me and that want to come all the way up here from England to share special times with me.
My blessings extend into my immediate family:

Here is my eldest of two sons, Robert.  He lives not very far away from me with his wife Sue and two sons, Samuel and Joseph.

Here is a photograph, taken at my 60th celebrations,  with Sue in the foreground and opposite her is Joseph and Sam and his dad sitting next to him.  The other people in the photograph is good friends Alan and Sherron.

This is Joseph, who is 14

This is Samuel who will soon be 16

I am so blessed with my family.  Both Sam and Joe have girlfriends and they all attend the Harvest Centre Church in Banff and are very active in the youth work there.

Then there is my other son Colin (mainly known as Woody), who lives in London and who is now separated from his partner to whom he has two sons Carson and Monty:

Woody is a little bit unique when it comes to dress sense!  However, he is made for music:

and was in a band:

But now he is resting from that.

Here is is ex-partner Caroline with Carson and Monty:

They are both lovely boys.  Here is carson showing us his moves:

And here is Monty showing us his super-powers:

I hope you have enjoyed meeting some of my family today.  I love all things to do with people and where else better to start than with my children and grand-children.

Just a little bit of music from a time gone by:

Love and hugs

Annie xxx


  1. Lovely Annie, and aren't you lucky to live somewhere so beautiful and unspoilt! Ax

    1. Thank you mandmade. It is beautiful here, but it can be very remote in the winter, so it's not somewhere to live if you like an easy life, but we love it. I'm fortunate that Philip works from home, so we could live anywhere.

      Thank you for visiting me today.

      Love and hugs

      Annie xxx

  2. Love the photos of your hometown!

    1. Thank you Ann. My problem is that I have so many photos to choose from, I really could be posting them forever.

      Thank you for visiting me today, and please come back another time.

      Love and hugs

      Annie xxx

  3. Beautiful photos of stunning Scotland. Aren't families interesting!

  4. Oh they are very interesting. I thought that one day I would write a book, but I'd have to wait until they had all died before it could be published! lol

    Thank you for visiting me today Alice, I really appreciate it.

    Love and blessings

    Annie xxx