Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Some Tips when Crafting


Today I thought I would share some tips when crafting.  Mostly everyone will already know them, but I have to start somewhere.

When you are covering the front of a card, some people put double sided sticky tape onto whatever they are covering the card with, and this can work very well. I tend to put the double sided sticky tape onto the card, if the whole of it is going to be covered and onto the covering if it is partial.  The reasons are the following:

If covering the whole front of a card it just seems to make sense to put the tape onto the card and carefully lay the covering over the card, pressing down firmly to make sure it adheres.

When covering part of the card, then I suggest putting the tape onto the covering, because you can judge where the piece is going and even change your mind or position before actually laying it down, if you want to.

Also, when you have put your tape along the edges of the card/paper (especially when covering the whole card) only pull back some of each piece of tape and turn the end of the peeled of bit outwards.  This allows you to be a little bit more accurate when placing the paper/card onto the item.  When you are sure it is where you want it to be, all you have to do is pull the turned out bits and hey presto! you have stuck it down.

Here is a little video showing what I mean:

I hope that made sense!!!

When using Spell binders, or any cutting dies, especially for the first time, I use cooking parchment or greaseproof paper between the die and the actual card/paper that is going to be cut out.  This then makes it easier to get the card/paper out of the die especially if the die is very intricate.  In fact I have used white strong tissue paper and then used it too because it gets cut out in the shape of the die.  

Also, when embossing the die cut , try to leave it in the die and follow the instructions of the machine you are using.  If parts of the item doesn't appear well embossed them use a shim (any old plain paper or card that is not going to be used for anything will do).  I know that using my Grand Calibur I have to turn some of the items 45 degrees and then run it through again.  It's usually not the machine that is at fault, it's just where we put the item to be embossed.  Everyone will find spots on their machines that when a die is put through it doesn't seem to have cut all the way through or emboss completely, so I would say move the item about on the plates, check you are using the right plates and see if you need to put a shim in.  It is worth the effort to get a really clean cut and pronounced embossed diecut.

Hereis a link to the spellbinders site that will give the compatibility chart for using the different machines:


To ensure the edges of the dies are sharp you could die cut foil (kitchen foil will do) which should help sharpen it.

On that note, foil is really good for sharpening punches too.  Just use kitchen foil a few times and it will improve the cut of any punch.

Here is a video showing you punch sharpening:

In extreme cases you can actually use a washed coke/pepsi can.  Use a can opener to take off the top and bottom, roll it out flat, and get punching.  The punched out items will fly out, so point it somewhere safe like at the kitchen sink or a washing up bowl or just away from you, making sure there is no-one else around.  

Well that's my tips for today........I'm sure I will find others for another time.

Love and hugs

Annie xxx


  1. That was interesting. I am going to blog about my cutting difficulties!

  2. Ooh! That will also be interesting Alice. I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

    Love and blessings

    Annie xxx

  3. Thanks for the tips Annie. I'd never heard about using tinfoil on punches to sharpen them ... I'm definitely going to try that now.

    Andrea x

  4. Thank you for visiting today Andrea, and I know it will be successful when you sharpen your punches.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx