Friday, 17 August 2012

Using Sketches

Creativity Club Sketches
and what I did with some of them!!!!!

Hello everyone.  I have been neglecting my blogging due to having visitors throughout July and early August as well as to being generally feeling down.  Anyhow, i am here now and thought I would share with you all what I did during some of July.  Docrafts Creativity Club set out daily sketches for us to be creative with..........and some I made were fabby and others.....well .........not so fabby!!!!

I won't bore you with all of them but I am selecting a few to share with you, starting with the first one.....1st July:

Here is the sketch:

As you can see it is fairly straight forward.......... until you try and figure out what you are going to do with it that is...........and it is straight forward unless your name is the same as mine!!!!!!!

Anyhow, here is what I made:


The first photograph was taken using the flash and the second one without the flash.  Using very shiny multi-coloured paper seemed like a good idea at the time.....until it came to photographing .....and then it was a bit of a disaster:

However, I will endeavour to explain what I did:

Using an A4 chocolate brown card, I scored it down the middle to make it into an A5 card.  I used dies to cut out the lady and the man, the ribbon border and the ovals. I used a sentiment I already and and added decorations of a wooden flower and wooden butterfly as well as prima vintage paper flowers.

After die cutting out the ribbon border, I threaded through some off-white velvet ribbon and then placed them both according to the sketch.  I used copper mirricard for the scalloped oval dies and the multi-coloured shimmer paper for the next layer.  Once I glued those pieces together I die cut the lady in cream and the nam in the same card as the base card, and glued them to the ovals.

Using double sided sticky pads I adhered the ovals to the ends of the borders and using tacky glue (which dries clear) I stuck the paper flowers at the other ends of the borders.

I used double sided sticky tape to stick down the sentiment and placed a wooden flower and wooden butterfly at the edge of the sentiment.  I added the wooden flower because the shape of the sentiment was unusual and curved inwards on the top left hand side and I didn't like it like that ..so I covered the space with the flower and added the butterfly for interest.

Chocolate Card: Papertiere (Aberdeen)
Multi-coloured shimmer paper: Craft Creations
Ribbon:  Fantastic Ribbons
Cream card: from bits of stash of my own
Man and woman  and ribbon border dies: Marianne Dies
Scalloped and plain ovals: nestabilities dies
wooden embellishments: had in my own stash
vintage paper flowers: CraftsUlove
Sentiment: own stash

So, there was my very first ever attempt at a sketch design for a card!!!!

Here comes another one:

This one was a bit more complicated but I loved doing it:  Here is what I made

This can be used for any occasion including Christmas.  Firs of all I scored the A4 white card down the middle to make it into an A5 card.  Using the sketch I printed out a swirl design and a sky design and cut them into 3 squares of equal size.  I stuck the first square in position  to the left middle of the card, and then the second one of the same design to the right lower middle of the card.  I then stuck pale blue and gold peel-off borders around them and then added self-adhesive pearls to the swirls to give them depth.  

Using pale blue organza ribbon, to divide the card lengthways over the top of the two images, i then added white cotton lace to the centre of the ribbon.  I then cut out a square of the sky scene and added tiny gemstones to some of the stars.  The sentiment is one i already had and I stuck it to the picture using double sided sticky tape.  To finish off the design I used 3 matt blue oval gemstones going down the bottom left and top right of the design.

Swirl design: Debbi Morre
Sky design: Debbi Moore
Photographic paper: Kodak ultra premium 
blue ribbon: my stash
white lace: Panduro Hobby
Gemstones and pearls: my stash

So there you have it!

Here comes another one:

This one was very different for me and I gave it a little more thought as I wan't sure what to do about all the circles....and then it came to me buttons!!! Lots and lots of buttons!!!

Here you go then:

For this card I printed directly onto white card using a Debbi Moore Shabby Chic CD.  I then cut it down into a DL card by scoring it twice and cutting off the part i didn't want.  I then printed off a Creativity Free paper design..Vintage Kitchen, using the doily page.  I measured who much of a doily I would need and then cut one out.  Turning the card over I placed the doily onto the card to the size you see and drew pencil lines where to co cut it to fit.  After cutting out the shape I glued it into position using tacky glue.  I then put tiny pencil dots where I wanted the buttons to go.  After sorting out the buttons for size and numbers, I then put a dot of tacky glue on each pencil mark and stuck down a button until they were all stuck into the design.  

For the sentiment I a flowersoft one and covered the edge with glue and covered it with white flowersoft mixed in with big glitter.  When that was nearly dry I used dark red stickler to highlight it.  I folded the card and bob's your uncle.......or not as the case may be!!!

There is one more to come today:

This one, I think, could have been a straight forward one but I wanted it to be different to look at but keep to the sketch; so this is what I did with it:

As you can see, this 8x8" square card looks as if there is a doily in the centre......well, there is and there isn't!  Take a really close look and you will see the panels that I printed off, cut and matched up, with the different coloured backgrounds.  I added white lace and green/gold gemstone flowers to finish it off with and a flowersoft sentiment, which I left natural, as I thought it just matched the whole design.

I used thin card to print the designs on and matched them up sticking them down with double sided sticky tape.

Square card:  Craft Creations
patterned papers: Creativity free download vintage Kitchen doilies.
lace: Panduro Hobby
gemstones: freebies with a magazine
sentiment: my own stash

I hope you like it.

There will be more to come, very soon.

Love and hugs

Annie xx


  1. Annie, it's so good to see you back :) Your work is fabulous and love how you have interpreted the sketches, this is something I have never tried but guess it must come in handy when inspiration is running low. Well done and look forward to seeing more of your work soon :)

    Love and hugs
    Dawn xxx

  2. Really lovely Annie :-) Elaine-xxx-

    1. Hello Elaine

      Thank you for visiting me here and for leaving a comment. Ii is always encouraging when that happens as you then know that you are not just talking to yourself (iykwim)

      I hope you are well

      Love and hugs

      Annie xxx

  3. Hi there Dawn. It's great to be back in circulation...........but you know how it is ...sometimes things just have to go by the wayside for a while.

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx