Monday, 20 February 2012

Today I decided to give Blogger a go............

 So this is a Father's Day card for a football fan.  Decoupaged and made with laughs.
 A Thank you card for someone who loves Butterflies and the colour purple.
 A Word Card made for a friend of mine who had a very special Birthday,
 And here is the tag that was attached to it.  
 A Sympathy Card that is a little bit different.
 Valentine.........Be Mine x
 And finally a Christmas Card I made for someone last year.
And once again this card has it's very own tag.

What a way to start my blog!!!! 

Hi there everyone.  How are you all?  Well, here I am and not sure what to do next........... so I will upload some photos of cards and my two border collies Jazz and Bess.  Bessis staring into the camera...probably thinking......"You're in my way!!"

 Jazz, just loves the beach and sand and all things wet!!


  1. Welcome to blogland Annie and what a great job you are making of it, it is lovely to see your work and your dogs again.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Thanks Dianne, it's all a bit new to me and I keep getting things wrong. Hopefully I will become more adept over time. Perhaps you can keep me right xx

  3. What a fantastic job you have done love your cards and photos you have put up. Look forward to your updates

  4. Aw thanks Anne.....It's great to see you here. xx