Wednesday, 30 May 2012

5 Things I Love


Docrafts 31 Day Blog Prompt ........Day 30

We were asked to day to write about '5 things I love!'

I want to count the following as 1 thing:

Let me introduce you to Jazz (the big one) and Bess (the dainty one) our border collies.  Here on one of our many beaches about to run around with a stick!!

Here Jazz is saying, "Do I look distinguished enough for you?" 

And here they are running with yet another stick!

Here, Bess is waiting to run down the cliffs towards the sea.

Okay now for the reality of living by the sea:

Yes I love my border collies.  They are always full of love and fun and they never argue with me because they are always right!!!!!  

I love all animals and thought I would share this information with you all:

So that is the first thing I love.

The second thing I love is the area where I live:

In particular, I love our sunsets:

More of the same area:

Here is the village where I grew up.  It's called Findochty, but pronounced Finechtie...........

And here it is looking from over the cliffs:

So that's the second thing I love.

The third thing I love is crafting.....making cards, composing verses, personalising cards, trying new techniques.  I love everything I know and will love everything I don't yet know about crafting!

All things crafty ta da te dum tra la!  (Imagine I'm signing it  to you.......or perhaps not?!)

The fourth thing I love is my friends and family:

These are two lovely friends who came from Middlewich to help me celebrate my 60th Birthday.

And the entertainment for the evening was provided by my niece's twin daughters and my fiddle tutor:

If you want to here them, then go to chloe and charlotte on YouTube.

I have been married for 30 years come this September (if all goes well) to Philip, whom I blogged about in an earlier post.  I have 2 sons and 4 grandsons and am thoroughly blessed in my life.  

I was gong to talk about my faith as the 5th thing, but I did that yesterday, so today the 5th thing I love is:

All the fabby people in the forums to which I subscribe.  There are people out in the wide world that I have met up with, that have had profound impact on my life and they don't even know it! Crafty people are the most friendly, helpful bunch of people, outside my friends and family, that I love so very much.  Crafty people share their ideas openly and enjoy seeing what others can do.  we learn from each other.  We support each other through hard times and good times.  I know I only belong to card making type forums, so I can only talk about them, and on the whole I have found no nastiness, no snobbery, no back biting (or maybe I have just been lucky or ignored it!)

I have met up with a few up and down the country on my travels and they will always be special to me.  Some have visited me at my home, which I really appreciated and enjoyed.

Here I am with lovely Liz from Bonnybridge......... we met in the car park and went and had a chat and coffee ....I will explain the maltesers if you really want me too!!!  But not today.  I met Liz through her ebay crafty group.

This is Angela, from Gourock, who visited up my way last year and we met up at Duff House.

Here are Angela and Anne from craft creations forum......Anne is from Falkirk. They met up with me at a hotel on my journey to England:  Both Angela and Anne are in the Craft Creations forum.

My favourite forums are:

Docrafts (although I don't contribute a lot ....sorry!)

Craft Creations...........I contribute a lot there.....or at least have a lot of fun there.

CraftsUprint...........I am not regular in posting there, but I love the friendliness of everyone and the helpfulness of the designers.

Crafts Beautiful:  I pop in there as it is one of the first forums I ever belonged to and the people there are very friendly and caring too.

And then of course there are the people who have blogs that I read and follow, far too numerous to mention here.

Every person has been uplifting in one way or another, and I am grateful for their input.  I love my crafty friends.

Each forum has a different feel, and different ways of working, but the people involved are all wonderful.

So there you have it.

Love and hugs

Annie xxx


  1. I just love your 5 things nothing to beat staying in Scotland and where you are is fabby. Of course all your other love of things are so well written and I do like your pictures keep the blog going its brill

  2. Thank you Anne. I'm so glad you visited.....I just thought it was great to put up photos of where I lived, my doggies and my family and friends (one of which is you).

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  3. That was brilliant. One item would have made a blog post lol. The pictures are great. I have pinched the dog cat diary, I thought it was hilarious.

  4. Lol at you Alice. You are welcome to it. I think it is funny too.

    Thank you for visiting me today in my blog. I'm glad you liked it and enjoyed the pictures too.

    Love and blessings

    Annie xxx

  5. Oh Annie can I come live with you? I love your dogs, the beaches and your blog. keep writting after the challenge. Sx

  6. Aw bless you. If I had a mansion here I would share it with you and all my crafty friends.

    Thank you so much for your visit today and your wonderful comments too.

    Love and hugs

    Anne xxx