Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ten Things About Me ...........


Docrafts 31 Day Blog Prompt

Let's see now.....where to start?..........

First of all I am a child of God.  I don't want you to think I am preaching, because I am not, but I am saying that without God in my life I wouldn't be who I am today. I am loved just as I am, I am beautiful and I am completely sold out  to Jesus.

Here is why I am loved:

Here is how I know I am beautiful:

I am completely sold out to Jesus, because my faith is based on His Word, and it says:


So there you have it.  This is the first thing I will say about myself, because it makes up all of who I am.

Secondly, I am someone who sees what needs doing and if I can't do it I am good at organising people to get whatever it is done.  Details are important to me, because the bigger picture is only made from a lot of details!! 

Can you imagine this beautiful jigsaw if all the pieces were not there.  Collectively (the bigger picture) it is beautiful, but without the right pieces or if one were missing there would be no 'bigger picture'.  I see beauty in details.

Thirdly, I am an encourager.  I love encouraging people to achieve what they think they couldn't and seeing the pleasure on their faces when they do!

There is no-one who should feel they are not worth something.  We all go through times when we think we are nothing, but the truth is we are needed by our friends and families just as much as we need them.  Remember, even when you think there is nothing you can do for someone:

Fourthly, I am someone who loves deeply.  I love the fact that I am here at all.  I love my family and my friends, for whom I would do anything.  I love where I live and every time I go out of my door and see the wonderful view around my home I am so grateful that I live here and I love everything about it.  There is nothing romantic about where I live, it is all raw nature and I connect to that very deeply.

Here are some of the things I love:

The fifth thing I will say about myself is that I really love crafting......anything to do with paper and card and I am there (at least in my head!!)  When I get new paper or card I sometimes just look at it and appreciate the design or texture or colour.  I may not use it straight away, because I want to keep it............(oh my:  Hello, my name is Anne and I am a craftaholic!!!)

The sixth thing I will say about myself is that I am truthful at all times and unfortunately that is not always appreciated by everyone.  I hate lies and deceit will challenge someone if needs be. Being truthful means you don't have to make up things to cover your tracks.  I don't say this very lightly because I know some people will not like it, but it is a fair description of me.  Having worked with very challenging people, who have been and some still are criminals, addicts, violent and sometimes abusers, I have learned a lot about human behaviour and the tactics people use to try and explain things away. It doesn't wash with me anymore and I am too old to negotiate as I don't have as many years left as I used to have!!!!!


The seventh thing about me is that I have a sense of humour.  You only have to read number six to realise that you can't get through life without one.

Number eight has to be inquisitive (not nosey, just interested!!)  I love learning things, and asking questions ...unfortunately I might keep asking the same questions over and over again until I get either the truth! or the right answer (lol)  or I actually understand the answer....then I will stop asking.  I must have been the original ......'Are we nearly there yet?  Why?  Why? Why?' child!!!

Number nine is that I play the fiddle and have a lesson every Thursday morning. I used to play classical but now I am learning Scottish Traditional...........it's like learning another language......and YES I am always asking the tutor, 'why do it that way?' etc etc Anyhow, I just love all kinds of music.



and this is my all time favourite worship song:


Number 10....I am long suffering!

All of the above are things about me.  This final one is not last because it's the least, it's because we were not asked for 11..............lol

I am waiting for a set of operations that will finally mean that I can stand and walk and maybe eventually run again.  At the moment I am in constant pain because it has taken the medical profession 9 years to find out that I had actually broken two bones in my leg (just under the knee) and have a crushed knee cap.  Because if the long term effect of this I have put on weight, which they want me to lose before they operate.  I am not telling you this for sympathy.....it's just another fact about me.  The major surgery will involve (at some point) a gastric band to help me to lose the weight as I am not supposed to weight bear at the moment (that's a joke in itself, as my loo is upstairs!!) Then I will have bone removed and bone grafts put in as well as an artificial knee and a steel rod to keep it all in place!!  When is all this going to happen?  No idea!! I keep praying for a miracle and believe that everything will eventually work out right.

I know this is not as major as life threatening diseases, and I am fully aware that there are people out there far worse off than I am, but on saying all of that, I have been living with chronic constant pain for over 9 years and I am now 60 and it sometimes feels as if I have always been like this, even though I know that's not true.  I will never give in, no matter how low I get and I know that one day I will be much healthier than I am at the present time.

So I wil finish with this song:


You see?  I do have a sense of humour after all!!!!

Love and hugs

Annie xxx


  1. Now that was an amazing post. How open you are about yourself - obviously nothing to hide! Jesus paid it all.

  2. Sometimes it's a good thing to be open and other times people think I am naive, but that could not be further from the truth. I am well aware of life and what goes on. I love my life regardless or even in spite of my situation. I hope people will see who I really am through this post.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today, I really love it when you visit.

    Love and blessings

    Annie xxx

  3. My , you sound a little bit like me Annie. I have been told I'm too honest and naive in the past, but I see the good in people until proven otherwise. Love your post, very interesting.

  4. Thank you Jean ............ I always see the good in people until proven otherwise, but I am no-one's fool. Thank you for your lovely comment and taking the time to visit today's post.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx