Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Docrafts Blog Prompt - Day 1

Hello everyone

This is going to be a test of my consistency and ability to do something from the first day until the last!

Emma from Docrafts has challenged us all in the forum to write a blog a day for 31 days.  She had even be kind enough to give us a title, and today's one is:


So here goes................um! I've got my thinking hat on, because I could just come up with anything but I am thinking this one through.  In no particular order here are 5 reasons from me:

Number 1:
A reason why I craft is to see a finished article and be able to give it to someone and then watch their response when opening it.  I make cards, so I personalise them.  I don't mean just put their names on them, I mean I try and find out what the person likes and how other's see them, and then I include that in verses I compose and the embellishments I put on them.  So the first reason to craft is that it brings pleasure to see someone pleased that they have received something that means something to them.

Here is a book card I made for a friend to give to her friend:

As you can see I made the envelop too (not very professional, but adequate!)

Here are further pictures to show you how the book has different pages:

The tag  with this card was used for the person giving it to write a message on the back of it.

And here are the pages:
As you can see I used personal photos of the person's family and friends in this card:

and finally:

The person who received this card loved it and has kept it as a keepsake, which has made me very happy too.

Number 2:
I craft because each card makes me think about what I am going to do with it.  I become creative and express myself though what I do with it.  I may start off with an idea and by the time it is finished the idea has gone out of the window and something else has appeared......it's exciting, thought-provoking and keeps my mind working.  If you want to find out how creative you can be get crafting...there is no right or wrong....there is just creativity.

This next card started off with just to blossom and then I spilt some inky stuff on the card after I attached the blossom, so instead of writing the sentiment onto a die-cut as I had planned, I played with some green paper and made a plant pot, which I think worked well and no-one knew!  I used peel-offs in the centre of the flower for the sentiment.

Number 3:
When I am feeling down, or going through a particularly upsetting time or am poorly, I craft like mad.  I may make my best ever cards when I am feeling low, because the beauty and fun creeps through as I put a card together and that raises my spirits.  I love to compose verses when I am low because it reminds me of all the good things in my life and the lives of others.  So if you have depression or are poorly in any way I recommend crafting, as it will lift your spirits and bring you out of that dark place into a much better place.  You will always get a sense of achievement when you make something beautiful while you are feeling pants!

Here is one I made that reminds me that we all run dry sometimes, but there is always nourishment if you need it:

This one was made in one of my more meditative days.

Number 4:
Crafting brings like-minded people together and that can only be a good thing.  New friends are always made through crafting and everyone is very helpful and supportive.  I can only think of one time I left a forum due to someone else's attitude.  Mostly people in the crafting forums are there because they are sociable and want to share their craft and experiences with each other, helping each other on the way.  I have met up with various crafter on my travels down south, and hit it off with them all.  It's a great community to belong to and everyone is equal.

So here are some people I met on my travels, all crafters:

I am on the left and the lady in black is Angela from Gourock, who came up north to visit family and we decided to meet half way between Peterhead and where I live.  We met at a place called Duff House in Banff and had coffee and stuff.  I also met Angela's other half and he put up with our crafty chat very well, I thought.

On my way back from England I met up with Angela (same as above) and Anne from Falkirk.  We met at Stirling and had dinner at the restaurant of the hotel I was staying in overnight.  Interestingly, we were the last ones to leave and the staff were putting out lights all around us....there is just too much crafty stuff to talk about and not enough hours in the day or night!!  These two crafters are the best talkers I have ever met, and they just love to laugh.

Here i am on another journey to England and I met up with Liz from Bonnybridge, again at Stirling   (good place to meet up with crafters I reckon!!)  She is from yet another forum and we had a great time meeting up both on my journey to England and on my return too.  Liz is a great person, and very encouraging.

So you see, you make new friends and you when you do they are not fair-weather friends.

Number 5:  There is always something new to try when crafting.  Knitting, sewing, stitching, card making, scrap-booking, jewellery making, clay working, painting, designing, quilling, iris folding, decoupage, decoupatch, altered art, altered items, glass painting, silk painting..........and that's not to mention what is fashionable at any one time  ( I can only speak about card making here) e.g. wellington, smirk, distressing inks, steam-punk (one of my favourites) digi stamps.  The list goes on.  If you want something to do there has got to be something in what I have just listed to whet your appetite.  There are magazines galore to give you ideas and most of them come with free gifts so that you can make something.

Here is a variety of things I have made:

A Christmas family.

Gold leafed labels I made for a shop.  I made 5 sets of these.

More labels for a shop.  I lost count how many I made.
More Christmas people.
Wooden Christmas decorations

And finally:
A lovely altered clowns hat book of delights.

 I will repeat myself here:  Thre is no right or wrong.....there is just Creativity!


  1. A fab blog post to start off the 31 day challenge! I am so pleased you are taking part and I love that you like using the same butterfly punch as me! Your 5 reasons are brilliant reasons to craft.

  2. Thanks Emma....I just jumped in at the deep end. I hope I didn't go on for too long.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  3. wow your blog is amazing. love your Christmas people x fab 60th birthday card. so stunning and so professional too x amazing colours and love all the detail. must have taken you hours!!!!!

    thanks for visiting my blog x

  4. Fab post, I look forward to coming back daily Annie :)
    Jane x