Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Docrafts Blog Prompt Day 2

5 Docrafts members galleries I love and why?

So this is day 2, and I have been missing in action due to other commitments.  Well now, visiting galleries is a great thing to do so I will start with my first one:

I love Donny's Gallery:  She has so many different things in it, not just one style, but many styles and that inspires me greatly:

I don't know how to put up pictures from her gallery here, so I will just try and put up her blog details:

The second one is:

NGCards Gallery:

it is full of beautiful cards and she uses images in many different ways.  I have had lots of ideas from browsing her gallery. 

The 3rd one is:

Her cards are so lovely I would want to own them all and if I could get anywhere near to her standard I would be soo happy!

The 4th one is:

The 5th one :

Here gallery is full of beautiful cards and the simpleness of some of them makes me realise that sometimes less is more.

I'm just sorry I don't know how to put up other peoples photographs to show you all what I mean, but if you read this blog then you can visit those galleries which really inspire me for many different reasons.

See you all tomorrow.

Annie x

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