Thursday, 3 May 2012

JUST BEING............ a friend!


Blog Prompt Day 3

Hello everybody.  I am really enjoying this 31 day blog prompt from Docrafts.  It is really making me think about what I am doing and why.  The challenge today is to use free downloads from Docrafts and be creative.

I have a lovely friend, who lives in Devon and recently came to stay with me while my husband was in India.  I am waiting for operations to my legs, which will involve bone grafts and 2 new knees.  They will be done one at a time.  On top of this there have been some serious family problems and I have felt quite trapped in a situation I never imagined I would find myself in.  So, when my hubby said he was going to India and would be away for 5 days, I asked my friend, who I have only seen a few hours over the past 10 years when on holiday in England, if she would like to come up and stay with me.  She know's about my situation and my hubby paid her airfares for her, which was really fabby.

Here she is in my little crafty room:

The card I have made today, using the Docrafts free downloads is  this one:


The download was the spotty backing paper and the decoupage of Daisy and Dandelion.  Isn't it cute?  To be honest I'm not into bears, but these two look so comfortable with each other, and it reminded me of when Christine and I are together.

I used a distressed pink card and covered most of the front with the spotty paper leaving a border of pink all around.  I layered cream lace with white pleated lace and then cream with pink velvet ribbon down the centre down the left hand side.  I then put together the decoupage using double sided foam sticky fixers and stuck it to the card.  Then I took a beige fabric rose and a pink fabric rose, both with netting underneath and glued them near the top of the lace on the left hand side. I used clear 3D gloss on the paws and noses of the bears. 

I also used foam sticky fixers for the sentiment (which came with the free download) and placed it just underneath the image.  Finally I glued a beautiful irridescent golden butterfly just below the sentiment to the right and edged the whole card with golden peel-off and peel-off corners to match.

So, the reason I chose this download from all that was available (and there is loads) was because of the way the two bears sat side by side, comfortable with each other.  They are not doing anything.....just sitting...............and sometimes it is just perfect to have a friend come alongside you and sit with you, not saying anything or doing anything......JUST BEING!  You know a real friend when they can BE with you in a situation and they don't try and tell you what to do or not to do. 

For anyone who is interested, I used:

Free Daisy and dandelion download: Docrafts
Kodak ultra premium photograph paper and kodak printer (Direct from Kodak)
Base card - pink, cream holey lace and cream lace with pink velvet: Paptiere (Aberdeen)
Fabric flowers: CraftsUlove
Butterfly: my own stash
Peel-off: mad about cards
White lace: Fantastic ribbons (online shop).

Never underestimate the silent company of a friend......it is a healing balm to the soul.

See you soon.

Annie xx


  1. Hi Annie,
    how lovely that you have this fantastic friend, I fully understand what your little quote about silent friends means & agree with it completely.
    I love your card, it's so cheery & very cute!
    Jane x

  2. Thank you Jane. It is great to know that someone has read and understood what I mean by being. Thank you for your lovely comment on my card. I don't normally do cute so it was a challenge for me.

  3. Hiya Annie your cards beautiful I still hold dear the card you made me all those years ago hugs x

  4. Aw, thank you Doodles..........I hope you are well.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  5. Annie, I just love reading your blog, you not only have a lovely card to look at but you always have something poignant to say and leave me thinking about.

    Dawn x

  6. Thank you Dawn. I'm really glad you like visiting my blog and I hope you keep getting something from them.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  7. Lovely card Annie. It's really cute.