Sunday, 6 May 2012

A Happy Day


Docrafts Blog Prompt Day 6

So, we were asked to pick a photograph that means something to us.  We don't have to say anything, but I probably will.........'cos I'm like that really!!!

Here is the photo:

Now I know they are dogs..............but they are my dogs  (well our dogs if you have to include my hubby)!  The one on the left is called Jazz and we have had him since he was 4 months old.  The one on the right is Bess, and we have had her since she was 4 years old.    

Jazz has always been a people dog, and playful and full of life......his only downfall is that he is sometimes very clumsy and doesn't realise it, so he can trip you up if you are not careful around him.  He is also a very big border collie............he came from a shepherdess, way up in the Highlands from a place called Garve.  We love him so much.

Bess was a working dog until she was 4, when she was going to be sent to the border collie rescue centre, by the same lady we got Jazz from, because she was retiring from being a shepherdess.  So we said, don't do that, we'll have her.

Well, what a challenge that was.  Bess did not answer to words..........she did not know her name..........the only things she responded to were whistles and hand signs (as we found out eventually)!!!

The other thing about Bess was that she was very scared of wide open spaces, and where we live is just wide open spaces....so we had a dilemma from the start.

We took them both to a place called Strathlene
which are you can see..is very wide and open and goes along way.  To the left of the bandstand is the sea.  

The very fist time we took Bess there she got out of the car, with Jazz, and then as I went to get out of the car she jumped straight into the footwell!!!  So that was her actions.  No matter where we took her she just ran straight back into the car.  If I managed to get out, she would run and hide underneath it!!!

Teaching her to respond to voice was interesting, but we eventually got there.

Th reason I have put the picture up of the two of them having been playing in the snow...........just shows me how far Bess has come on and how happy she is now.  She is learning to become a pet and enjoys cuddles  and human company now so much more than we thought she would.

Bess and Jazz get on really well, but Bess is her own dog........she actually is the boss, which surprised us as we thought Jazz would be as he is so strong-willed.  However, one little low growl from Bess and he becomes the perfect gentleman.  Isn't that funny?

I would have loved to have made a scrap-book page, but my printer is out of ink and I am waiting for a delivery to arrive (which won't be until Tuesday at the earliest) because of theBank Holiday!!!!!!!  So the pictures will just have to do.

Here is a photo of Jazz which I think shows him off beautifully:

And here is one of Bess:

And finally, before I sign off, I thought I would show you pictures of some cards I made using photo's of Jazz as he was growing up:

The photographs are not that great, as I was new to everything crafty:

So you see...not only can I not just say nothing....I can't just put up one photograph either...........sorry about that!!!!!

Love and hugs

Annie xx


  1. Wonderful pics & story, a really interesting and thoughtful blog entry.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  3. Your dogs are gorgeous! Their photos are fab :D

    Love the cards you have made with the photos... very clever.

    Thank you for visiting my blog earlier Annie and for leaving such a lovely comment. Appreciated.

    Wendy x

  4. Hi Annie

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog re: Testimony.

    Don't know what it's like weather wise in Morayshire but here in Aberdeenshire we've had a real mixture over the past few days, including more snow (though it didn't settle thankfully)!

    You can see a photo of my 'big pup' on my other blog - Cupcake kitchen. He's a right big softie!