Friday, 18 May 2012

Spring Cleaning!?!!?

Spring Cleaning!!! 

Docrafts 31 Day Blog Prompt Day 18

 Oh no! I can't blog about spring cleaning. 

 First of all I don't do it....nope never!! 

 That does not mean that my house is smelly.....oh no! far from it. 

 Okay then, I will tell all. I have a "lady wot does" my cleaning for me. I am unable to Hoover, and make beds etc. so we have a lovely lady who has been helping us for the past 2 and a half years. 

 Today was her last day with us.......boo hoo!! 

 Next Monday I am interviewing someone who I hope will be her replacement, although she is remaining a very good friend to us, so that's going to be difficult.  

When it comes to products, my favourite has to be flash/febreeze for floors, as it leaves a lovely perfume throughout the whole house. 

 But in reality my favourite product is my lady who helps us:) 

 Without help, I would be really stumped. 

 Love and hugs Annie xxx


  1. No Spring cleaning for me either, keep thinking about it though !!!

  2. Lol.....just don't tink too hard about it :)

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx